Debra Messing's TCA Panel: 'The Mysteries Of Laura' Star Talks New Show, Stuns At Event

Stacy Carey

Debra Messing's Television Critics Association appearance from Sunday has fans buzzing, both in regards to her new NBC show as well as her new figure.

Messing will star in NBC's The Mysteries of Laura debuting this fall, and long-time fans are anxious to check it out. As for Debra's look at the event, her wardrobe choice certainly showed off her recent weight loss that has had people talking.

According to the Red Carpet Fashion Awards blog, Debra Messing's TCA look included a Sylvie Millstein of Hellessy cobalt-blue silk dress. The piece is from the designer's spring collection, and the actress paired it with Sergio Rossi "Chichi" suede pumps. The look accentuated Messing's recent 20-pound weight loss, a shift she discussed with People.

Messing said that she loves pizza, burgers and fries, and she misses all of the greasy junk food. However, she realized that "Unfortunately, working 17 hours a day, you can't subsist [on that] and be a good employee."

Now she has a green shake in the morning and focuses on eating well throughout the day. Debra adds that being disciplined has been a struggle for her in the past, but it's going well these days and she notices that she has a lot more energy as a result.

As for The Mysteries of Laura, Debra Messing's TCA panel shed some light on what fans can expect from the new show. Messing plays Laura who is, according to Deadline, a "brilliant NYP homicide detective balancing her Columbo day job with a crazy family life." While some may wonder how the premise differs from other television offerings, the team with the show insists that fans will embrace it once they give it a shot.

Messing is known for her previous roles in shows such as Smash, The Starter Wife, Will & Grace and Ned and Stacey. When it comes to The Mysteries of Laura, Messing says that this is a "dramedy" that shares "something incredibly universal about the predicament" with viewers. It has both drama and comedy, and NBC touts that it is "humorous but relatable." The character of Laura has twin 6-year-old boys at home, and it seems they are an entirely new level of naughty.

The show is based off of a Spanish series with the same name that has done well, and Debra Messing's TCA panel on the show does seem to have fans intrigued. The Mysteries of Laura is slated to premiere on NBC on September 24.

[Image via Hawt Celebs]