Xbox One, PS4 Fail: Developer Says Neither Console Can Run Their Latest Game

[Update: An MMORPG is actually over 100 players at least]

The Xbox One and PS4 both fail, according to Eric Peterson of Cloud Imperium Games. Clearly believing in the “PC master race” trend, he claims his upcoming crowd-funded Star Citizen would be impossible to run on any of the consoles.

Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (or MMORPG) set in space with a combat angle and a simultaneous player base of up to 70 people. While this doesn’t quite rival PC games like League of Legends or Diablo III, there are some console games that support a similar online base.

Grand Theft Auto V, for example, has an online component that currently supports as many gamers online as have the game and an internet connection capable of running it. So far Rockstar’s killer IP has only been on last generation consoles, and pushes them to their limits.

The reason the Xbox One and PS4 fail in the developer’s opinion is that he built the game to show off the power of high-end gaming PCs, though he does admit that most mid-range PCs can still run the game quite well.

Is Peterson simply bashing the consoles because he is a closet PC fanboy, or is there something to his claim on a logical level?

The Cloud Imperium Games developer says that the Xbone and the PlayStation 4 both use technology that is standard on less powerful gaming computers. The standard resolution that both consoles are struggling to maintain is 1080p 60fps, which is only a frame rate boost over most high definition YouTube videos. Even low end PCs these days are capable of running better displays than consoles with apparently mediocre level graphics cards.

The problem with Peterson’s statement is that recent low-end PCs not even built for gaming can still run most Xbox 360 ports, and Microsoft’s last generation console is the weakest if you don’t count the Wii.

Is the PS4 vs Xbox One console war already the laughing stock for PC gamers, or is Eric Peterson simply bashing the consoles? How much merit is there to the statement that the PS4 and Xbox One will fail to run his upcoming Star Citizen?

[image via Star Citizen Wiki]