Joel Madden wants to be an actor

Joel Madden lead singer of Good Charlotte and babby daddy to Nicole Ritchie’s daughter Harlow has decided he wants to act and has hired an acting coach. Its a shame he didn’t take the same approach to singing.

Joel Madden has hired acting coach Howard Fine in order to try and break into Hollywood. Life & Style Magazine claims that he wants to become “a powerful source” in the acting world.

We are sure he put it like that too, and followed it up with a maniacal laugh.

“Joel wanted to master the craft before attempting it professionally,” says an inside source. “He really wants his acting career to take off. He’s had small parts in a few films [including 2006’s “Material Girls”], but he has yet to be recognized as an actor.”

“…Nicole is really pushing Joel to pursue an acting career. She feels it will give him more time to spend with her and their daughter, Harlow, because he won’t have to tour all the time.”

We too support Joel Madden’s acting ambitions. Anything to make him stop singing.