Kendra Wilkinson Divorce: Hank Baskett Is Still Wearing His Wedding Ring

Kendra Wilkinson has not filed for divorce from her husband Hank Baskett yet, and things between them might not be as bad as you think. According to Radar Online, Hank is still wearing his wedding ring… even though Kendra is not wearing hers. Despite reports that Hank cheated on his pregnant wife, the two haven’t decided to end their marriage — at least as far as the public knows.

According to the report:

“Baskett proudly flashed the simple band on his left ring finger during an appearance at the RTX 2014 event, an Internet gaming convention held in Austin Texas, from July 4 through 6. Excited fans shared snaps of the star on Twitter.”

Kendra Wilkinson has decided to take her wedding ring off, and there have been reports that she actually flushed it down the toilet once she found out that Hank stepped out on her. So why hasn’t Kendra filed for divorce? Well, there is some speculation about Kendra and Hank’s marriage being an “open” one — and that Kendra is just upset that Hank’s “affair” leaked to the press. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendra had an “affair” with Shawne Merriman, an ex-NFL linebacker whom she used to date.

“At the time, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett were reportedly at odds over having more kids, and Kendra was growing tired of Hank’s refusal. The affair with Shawne Merriman only deepened the rift.”

If Kendra and Hank have an open marriage, chances are they won’t be getting divorced any time soon. The couple just welcomed their second child, Alijah Mary, together, and really seem to want to do what’s best for their kids (their son, Hank Jr., is 5). Kendra has gone silent on social media since June 21, which is an indicator that something is wrong, but so far, neither Kendra nor Hank have made any kind of statement regarding the rumors.

According to Hollywood Life, Kendra and Hank have cameras rolling whilst going through these issues. A WE TV rep explained:

“We are currently in production on Season 3 of Kendra on Top. And yes, we are covering her reality.”

This suggests that the public will get to see what’s going on between Kendra and Hank — but it is hard to imagine that the two will discuss details of this cheating scandal… but you never know. Anything for ratings, right?

Do you think Kendra and Hank will get divorced? Do you think they have an open marriage?

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