Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Won’t Have A ‘Typical’ Wedding

Adam Levine is excited to talk about his upcoming nuptials to model Behati Prinsloo, and despite his reluctance in the past to divulge any information, Levine is giving a few hints as to what people can expect for the big day.

According to Levine it’s not going to be a typical wedding at all.

Speaking with People magazine, Levine said, “I’m probably doing more than you think and less than you think, as well. It won’t be typical, I can tell you that.”

Levine is far from his playboy ways that he was known for just a few years ago. Instead of denying going a bit nuts with a string of models, he was outspoken about his player ways as he prepared to settle down with his model fiance. Although the pair briefly split, it seems like all the Maroon 5 frontman really needed was to find the right girl.

Making a little pun about his show The Voice, Levine said that he’s in the “right chair.”

“I definitely feel like I’m sitting in the chair I’m supposed to be sitting in right now. It all feels very natural. It won’t be typical, I can tell you that.”

The two started dating in 2012, but briefly broke up in March of 2013. After Adam’s short relationship with model Nina Agdal, the two reunited and were engaged by July of 2013.

According to the Daily Mail, Nina Agdal found out in a text via the Maroon 5 frontman. Apparently the model was left “heartbroken” at the impersonal message from Levine.

That said, it sounds like Adam Levine has matured in the last year or so. As we reported, he’s currently on an unofficial “ex-girlfriend apology” tour. He also had this to say at the press day for.

When talking about the similarities between his character Dave from his film, Begin Again, and his life as a musician, Levine said, “This character was in the midst of becoming successful. When it happened to me I was probably tempted by some of the same things that he was.”

“Granted, my story is very different than his, but it was very easy to tap into what it was like to experience all of these things that I never expected to experience. When you commit to being a musician I don’t think you’re really sure or care about when you’re going to pay the bills. The only thing you’re sure about is playing music, so this guy was just overwhelmed, and so was I, so that was easy.”

Best wishes to Adam Levine and his bride.

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