Michael Vick has a Pretty Bad Day

Michael Vick is having a pretty bad week. First in a release he made comments that were kind of vague and made it look like some officials at the NFL steered him towards the Philadelphia Eagles, and taken a certain way could lead to a tampering charge against the league itself or worse. Then in the Eagles second pre-season game he went out and threw three INT’s in one half of play. How important any of this is pretty debatable, but it certainly is a sharp turnaround from the well rehabbed Vick we have seen in public lately.

So in an interview with GQ Vick made some comments about having better opportunities to start with other teams, specifically he mentioned the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals as teams that would have let him come in and start from day one. I think that was an important decision for Vick. He then alluded to certain people steering him towards the Eagles, we don’t know if those people worked for the league, if one of them was Tony Dungy who helped rehab Vick, or someone else. In the end, it may not be important at all, but something Vick probably should not have said in the first place.

Finally, Vick took the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and went 5-12 for 47 yards and those three picks in about a half of play. Worse than that the Steelers offense held the ball for 23 minutes of the first half, the Eagles defense could not get off the field on third down and the so called NFL dream team looked anything but. How important that is, is also debatable, but one thing seems clear the Eagles need to work on the offensive line, or this dream team is going nowhere.