Ellie Goulding Gets Advice From Taylor Swift, Has Katy Perry On Speed Dial

Girl power is a pretty great thing to have, but if you’re Ellie Goulding, it’s even better coming from famous friends like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

In fact, the 27-year-old singer has Perry and Swift on speed dial for times when she needs some womanly advice from her fellow music industry pals. While texting with Swift might be fun for a bit, we can’t exactly imagine her giving relationship advice, so it makes sense that Ellie would get advice on how to get through the industry unscathed.

Goulding told Glamour magazine:

“We’re friends because they understand the predicaments. They see what is and isn’t real.”

She admits that while she’s still new to everything, she has the likes of Swift, who has lived out a bunch of heartache out in public, to keep her on the straight and narrow.

“I’m not anywhere near their level of fame, but if I say, ‘Oh God Taylor, this happened’, she’ll be like, ‘Girl, that’s nothing.’ Suck it up, kind of thing.”

Discussing just how important it is to have girl power even behind the scenes, Ellie Goulding explained to the magazine how powerful it can be to be surrounded by women from a business standpoint, too.

“I have strong female characters all around me, really cool women. My tour manager is a woman, my manager is a woman. I want to be surrounded by powerful women, not men.”

Goulding seems to realize the pressures that are put on young women in the music industry as it happens every day. From body image to portraying a sex kitten to sell records and films, Goulding has a pretty good set up by surrounding herself with women in every facet of her life.

While she had the magazine’s ear, she also dispelled rumors that she had any kind of surgery on her body.

“I’m petrified of anything like that. My friends will think that’s hilarious.”

This is a far cry from two years ago, a time when she was cited as revealing that she thought about going under the knife. This started rumors that she had breast augmentations.

“Sometimes I feel I would like a boob job because I have run my boobs off. When you run as far and as often as I do, the boobs are the first thing to go. But I don’t think I would ever get it done, because I like running too much.”

Looks like Goulding has matured, and it might be due to Swift and Perry. Good job, girls!

[Image via MTV]