Ryan Seacrest’s New Girlfriend Revealed [Photo]

Looks like Ryan Seacrest has finally moved on with a new lady. Seacrest’s new girlfriend Shayna Taylor was spotted with the American Idol host at the LAX airport after coming back from a restful vacation.

Although Seacrest and model Taylor have been mum about their relationship, it’s believed the pair have been getting cozy with each other since last December. The admission confirming the relationship came from Shayna Taylor, when TMZ asked how it felt to be dating Ryan Seacrest.

By now it’s pretty obvious, so instead of denying it, she replied cheerfully.

“It feels great. One day at a time.”

Ryan Seacrest was also chatty considering he had a few cameras to answer to. Although he didn’t reveal where they had vacationed, he recognized just how lucky he is to have well off jobs in the broadcasting industry.

A few sources later told TMZ that Ryan Seacrest and his main squeeze had spent two weeks in Europe, but it looks like they actually spent three weeks. Since reports surfaced that the two were seeing each other, outlets couldn’t help but comparing Shayna to Seacrest’s longtime ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough. Both are petite young blondes and resemble each other. It looks like the radio host has a type.

So now that the news is official, what do we know about Shayna Taylor other than she takes vacations with her beau? Well, according to her Instagram page, she claims she’s a model, fitness trainer, and a chef.

Her Instagram quote reads:

“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.”

It doesn’t look like she’s worried about being found on social media, either. Not only is her Instagram public, but she shared her photos from her vacation, including a photo of the pair sharing an embrace in front of the ruins in Italy.

Going by her Instagram, Shayna and Ryan departed from Los Angeles on June 26 and spent their time in Paris for a week, and then traveled to Italy for two weeks before making their return back home.

Hopefully Shayna Taylor can deal with Ryan’s non-stop work schedule. When Julianne Hough and Seacrest broke up, it was believed that aside from scheduling conflicts, Hough couldn’t deal with his hectic schedule.

[Images via Instagram/Twitter]