Nurse With Cannibal Fetish Planned To Behead Teenage Girl And Eat Her For Sexual Gratification

A male nurse with a serious fetish for cannibalism bought an axe and planned to behead a teenage girl with it, and then eat it for sexual gratification.

57-year-old Dale Bolinger used the Dark Fetish Network as a forum for discussing his desire to behead, then eat a woman as a fetish. In September 2012, Bolinger bought an axe just one day before he had arranged to meet his alleged victim.

Bolinger used the email address to lure and groom potential victims, one of whom agreed to meet with him. As the girl was only 14, he has been charged with one count of attempting to meet a child under the age of 16.

The suspect believed he was chatting with a 14-year-old Mexican girl called Eva who lived in Germany. At some point during his chat, he arranged to meet the girl.

Prosecutor Martin Yale told the jury:

"He said he would murder her with an axe or a cleaver and then he would eat her," saying, "The idea of making love and then eating you is a very great turn on. I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table."
But Eva never showed up at the meeting point, so Bolinger returned home.

During text chats on the DFN site, Bolinger claimed that he once ate a 39-year-old black woman, as well as a five-year-old child.

Yale continued in court: "It's clear from the chat logs that Mr Bolinger believed he was speaking to, and he was going to meet, a 14-year-old girl." Furthermore, "There were discussions about how much more tender the meat is from children."

Numerous indecent images of children on the suspect's hard drive were found by police and had titles including: "dinner; one in, one waiting; the BBQ; the BBQ2 and the BBQ3."

The case continues, so it remains to be seen what punishment will be given to Bolinger when the sentence is handed down.