Kate Upton Boyfriend Material? You Won’t Believe What She Looks For In A Man

You might think Kate Upton would have no boyfriend issues, but the potential Playboy model has surprisingly simple tastes. She has dished on what she wants in a man, unveiling something most of us would probably never guess.

One of the biggest questions when it comes to dating in general has always been what kind of man attracts the women everybody wants. Obviously Kate Upton‘s boyfriend Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has it.

The cover girl has obviously seen her share of men throughout her life, having achieved enough fame to be possibly mistaken for the Grand Theft Auto V model. Her classic appeal in a Sports Illustrated photo shoot has helped shoot her to the top of the modeling world, and she is now a manager for IMG Models. It’s tough to compete with that, but it does help to remember she’s still human.

So what does Upton look for in a man? Confidence is the key. Like most women, she can spot an insecure type almost immediately.

Kate Upton recently revealed her take on what a man needs to do to impress her:

“I think, really, it’s all about confidence – it’s however a guy feels the most confident. And anytime someone walks into a room who is just exuding confidence, I think whatever they’re doing is amazing. I think there is a fine line between grooming when you’re confident and you appreciate yourself, and grooming because you’re insecure. I think some guys try to please what other people think they should look like, instead of knowing how they feel the best in themselves.”

Just be yourself, and don’t try so hard to impress everybody with what you think they want. It just reeks of desperation, as the professional model has revealed, and women like her are not attracted to that.

Do you think you have what it takes to be Kate Upton’s boyfriend? You’ll have to wait for now, but her advice could be useful with other women.

[image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]