Blink 182: New Album Confirmed On Instagram!

Scott Falkner

For Blink 182 fans, it was an Instragram message celebrated 'round the world:

Yesterday on his Instagram account, Blink 182 guitar player and singer, Tom DeLonge posted the above retro picture of Blink 182's members, DeLonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, along with the caption: Rehearsals start today... and yes, there will be a new album. #sorryforthewait #blink

Blink 182 fans have been chomping at the bit for a new album ever since their last offering, Neighborhoods. That Blink 182 album, released in 2011, was plagued with recording problems from the get-go, with DeLonge recording his parts in San Diego, while the other members of Blink 182 recorded in Los Angeles. Recording of the album was delayed numerous times due to the varied locations of Blink 182's members, individual side projects, and DeLonge's and Hoppus' complaints about Blink 182's group of publicists, managers, and attorneys (who DeLonge described as "the absolute diarrhea of bureaucracy," according to Rock104). When the Blink 182 album was finally released in September of 2011, it peaked at number two on the Billboard 200.

Blink 182 is no stranger to drama. When their album, Enema of the State was released in 1999, the pop-punk trio became instant superstars. With hits like All the Small Things, Adam's Song, and What's My Age Again?, Blink 182 seemed to be everywhere. Their followup, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, was just as big, though rumors of discord between the band members lingered.

Hoppus reportedly loved everything about Enema of the State, and desired to repeat the signature Blink 182 sound on their next album, whereas DeLonge wanted something heavier, something with a dirtier sound.

Hoppus commented on Blink 182's discontent in A.V. Club:

"We weren't starting from the same point or working towards the same goal. Sometimes the difference became contentious."

The band went ballistic. Hoppus said about their reaction:

"'You want a f***ing single? I'll write you the cheesiest, catchiest, throwaway f***ing summertime single you've ever heard!' I drove home grabbed my guitar, sat on the floor, and wrote The Rock Show in 10 minutes. Tom drove home, grabbed his guitar, and wrote First Date."

So, rehearsals on the new album have started. No word on whether fans will have to wait 10 minutes, or several months for the new Blink 182 album.