TGI Fridays’ Endless Appetizers Deal Promises Unlimited Refills For $10, But Is It A Good Choice?

TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal is now offering unlimited appetizers for only $10 per person, but we have spent the time to analyze whether or not it is a good choice.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you’re interested in the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal then you probably are not dieting. But one popular idea is the so-called caveman diet which has you eating a lot of meat. Unfortunately for proponents of the Paleo diet, the price of protein at grocery stores has been rising rather rapidly lately, requiring you to be a rich caveman in order to keep up.

The $10 price of admission does not require you to be rich in order to enjoy TGI Fridays’ unlimited appetizers. As for your choices, each person gets to choose from this list: loaded potato skins, pot stickers, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, spinach dip, boneless buffalo wings and crispy green-bean fries. The only major caveat is that each person will only receive unlimited refills on the particular appetizer they choose, which, if you are dining solo may not sound too appetizing.

The good news is that while the restaurant does not officially recommend sharing between patrons they also are saying they won’t be telling their waiters and waitresses to punish the practice. This mean that if several friends all go out to each together they can coordinate by picking one item from the list of TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers.

The best deal is probably the buffalo wings since they are normally around $10 as it is. The other appetizers on the list happen to be a little less than $10 so if you plan on making a meal out of your shared appetizers then this price point is probably a good deal.

But if you’re dining solo or as a couple then the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers may not sound too appetizing based upon the limited diversity. Besides going to the restaurant, another option is to buy a TGI Fridays brand appetizer that is sold at your local grocery store. For example, I regularly shop at BJ’s and they sell a large bag or box for pretty much all the options they’re advertising for the unlimited refills deal. These appetizers usually cost less than $10 and have enough food for several meals, or perhaps enough if you plan on stuffing yourself.

Speaking of which, you may want to watch your calories if you’re considering the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers. The company website lists the nutrition information and as it turns out you can quickly exceed the recommended daily limit of calories:

Loaded potato skins: 1430 calories

Pot stickers: 590 calories

Mozzarella sticks: 1100 calories

Tuscan Spinach dip: 1100 calories

Boneless buffalo wings: 730 to 1190 calories (depends on sauce)

Crispy green-bean fries: 900 calories

The recommended daily calories intake depends on the person and activity level, but even then keep in mind that eating only two or three plates of TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers will put you over the limit with just one meal!