Daniel Radcliffe Shows His Evil Side

Daniel Radcliff, once a proud member of the Golden Trio, appears to have fallen from grace. At least that’s the way it looks since they released a poster of his latest role in an adaptation of Joe Hill’s critically acclaimed novel, Horns.

It’s the tale of a man accused of killing his girlfriend who wakes up one morning with some very satanic looking horns growing out of his head. Director Alexandre Aja, famous for “The Hills Have Eyes,” seems to have been keeping details under wraps since we hadn’t heard much about the film in quite a while.

Radcliffe with horns

Empire Magazine got the first teaser poster earlier today, and also provided us with the release date for the film, which appropriately enough will be on Halloween. That date is, of course, when the movie is expected to make its debut in the UK cinemas. It’s uncertain if other countries will be lucky enough to get it the same day or not.

Can’t wait that long? Here’s a bit of a tease:

Horns is a supernatural thriller in which Daniel gets to explore his darker side. But at least one member of the Harry Potter cast isn’t going to see it. Dave Legeno, who portrayed Fenrir Greyback, sadly was overcome by a bit more natural elements while hiking in Death Valley last week.

Though we haven’t heard any comment from Daniel himself on the matter, Emma Watson was saddened by the loss, and wrote on Twitter: “I’m so sad to hear about #DaveLegeno. He was such a lovely man. I hope he is resting in peace x.”

Dave Legeno as Fenrir Grayback.

For those of you who are unaware, Daniel is still doing the Broadway play, The Cripple of Inishmaan. On Sunday, after the show was over for the day, he apparently stepped out to meet some fans, and even snagged some phones to take a selfie with some of them.

One girl captioned such a photo with, “So my friend was outside a Broadway show when this guy grabbed her phone to take a selfie with her.”

Clearly, Daniel Radcliffe loves his fans–and pics of himself–quite a bit. Let’s wish him much success with the new movie and with his continuing career.