Dress Code Terrorism? School Calls Students Terrorists Over Dress Code Violations

Forget the fashion police, we need to call in fashion-land security because school dress terrorism is now threatening the American school system. One school in Georgia even went so far as to suspend 24 students while telling the father of a honor student that his kid was the fashion equivalent of a terrorist.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a high school yearbook caused outrage when it was discovered the photos were edited to make them "less sexy." One mom got revenge on the school dress code by wearing a dress to graduation that had gotten her daughter in trouble with school officials. If there is a record for suspensions over school dress codes, then one school may have pulled it off with the 160 children they sent packing over their fashion choices.

Now the school in question that thinks violating their school dress code equates to terrorism is Cowan Road Middle School in Georgia. The whole thing started with a Facebook post where students discussed organizing a protest over the dress code rules. The idea was to purposefully crank out the dress code violations by wearing red on Monday, and then finding a new way each day for the last week of school.

But then things quickly escalated when students suggested they needed "the hallways packed and out of control" due to the protest. In response, when school officials found out about the planned school dress code protest, they suspended 24 students.

Christopher Cagle, the father of a suspended honor roll student, claims the principal equated the children's behavior to "terroristic threats," which is on par with a fake bomb threat.

But Cagle believes the school district overreacted:

"To me it was just a bunch of 13-year-olds acting crazy, You should at least contact us first and let us know to be aware of this and that way we could've disciplined our own kid instead of y'all taking action against her."
The school allegedly still views the incident as terrorism although the students are not being sent to fash-anamo bay as punishment. Instead, they will be writing long essays on why civil disobedience is a crime, and presumably, how school dress code violations tie into this matter.