Darren Mullery: Dying Father With Pancreatic Cancer Makes Fun Video For His Baby Daughter

Darren Mullery doesn't have much time left. The 39-year-old from Tralee, Ireland who also happens to be a first-time father was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer when his wife was pregnant with his first baby. However, Darren, in spite of the bleak prognosis and knowing that he is fighting a losing battle, is still giving his cancer a fight, reports, Irish Mirror.

Darren's aim is also to give hope for other cancer sufferers to whom he wants to send a message that there still is life after one is diagnosed with cancer. However, the primary aim of his message which is in the form of a funny parody video is to leave a legacy for his daughter Noelle who is now seven months old. We have embedded the video above. It is a parody version of the "Eye of the Tiger" and features Darren Mullery, his family and friends.

Darren Mullery was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on the eve of his birthday last year. It all started after he began to feel unwell in February 2013 and underwent tests to check for cancer. The 39-year-old Mullery received the devastating news about his cancer being terminal in nature, just after his wedding anniversary and when his wife Danielle was four months pregnant with their first child. Doctors told Darren that the cancer was in an advanced stage and that there is little that could be done medically.

Darren Mullery
A screenshot from Darren Mullery's YouTube video

The overwhelming joy of a child's imminent arrival turned into despair and heartbreak after Darren's prognosis. However, he decided to fight back. Darren tells the Irish Independent;

"I made a conscious decision this was not going to beat me. I just had too much to live for"
Starting October 2013, Darren underwent several sessions of chemotherapy. This was after he went through two surgeries.

Baby Noelle was born on December 12, 2013 – a day which Darren describes as being the happiest of his life.

"It was the happiest day of my life and the first thing I did was count all her fingers and toes. After five minutes she had me wrapped around her little finger and it's been that way since. She's my angel," Darren says.
Darren is currently in the palliative care unit of Kerry General Hospital. He tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. Doctors haven't told Darren Mullery how much time he has left – but according to many, he has already defied several doctors by surviving this long

The video has been made by Darren's close friend Rebecca whose idea it was in the first place. Darren, who happens to be a member of Tralee Musical Society, a local musical society, jumped at the opportunity. The film was uploaded to YouTube and it has gone viral.

Darren's touching gesture reminds us of another story The Inquisitr had reported a few months ago in which a dying father walked down the aisle with his 11-year-old daughter

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