Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PC getting some high praise

I still remember when the first Deus Ex game hit the shelves and the impact it had on gaming and it looks like some 11 years later it is set to do the same thing again with the upcoming release slated for August 23.

There was some concern though that because it was also being released for consoles that the PC version of the game wouldn’t be as good. It seems to be a common problem these days with game developers creating games primarily for consoles and treating PC version as an ugly step-child.

The most recent example of this is the new version of Dungeon Siege III that is blatantly meant for consoles and totally sucks on the PC; which I know from personal experience having to try and play the PC demo of the game only to quit in disgust.

Well according to Ben Kuchera at Ars Technica this isn’t the case with Deus EX: Human Revolution to the point that he says that if you really want to enjoy the game you should be playing the PC version.

“First off, Nixxes developed a DX11 renderer that is used on the PC, when available. We did leverage this by adding several features you will see when you have DX11 hardware on your PC: real-time tessellation, improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, improved blurs and depth of field,” Julien Bouvrais, the Eidos-Montreal Director of Technology told Gamespy. “We also added custom support for AMD’s Eyefinity (multiple monitors), and 3DHD. On another note, the user interface has been tailored for the keyboard, and mouse controls can be fully customized for your gaming habits.”

In practice, the game looks great, and is a large step up from its console counterpart if you have the system supporting these DirectX 11 bells and whistles. With so much time spent taking in the details of the game world and with an emphasis on finding secrets and exploring every nook and cranny, the added clarity and sharpness that the high resolution and extensive anti-aliasing options bring to the game are welcome.

All in all it looks like, just as with the first Deus Ex, this new release for the franchise is going to be a must have for any serious gamer. Here’s a bit of a sample of the game play you can expect as you take off time from work and any semblance of a real life.