Nancy Pelosi Challenged To Tour Border By Disgruntled Arizona Ranchers

Nancy Pelosi was challenged to come tour the border by a group of ranchers who have grown extremely tired of the security threat and property damaged caused by illegal immigrants trespassing on their land. Two Arizona ranchers want Pelosi and the entire Congress to “wake up to the dangers” involved with the mounting illegal immigration crisis along the Texas border.

The veteran ranchers even offered to pay for Pelosi’s plane ticket and put her up at their homes so she could witness the problems first hand. While the House minority speaker likely travels with a full security detail at her disposal, ranchers Fred Davis and John Ladd must rely on their own self-defense abilities to protect themselves, their families, and their property from the illegal immigrants who trespass on a nearly daily basis. The Arizona ranchers maintain that Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers, who visited an illegal immigrant detention facility in Texas earlier this months to view the housing conditions of thousands of children, have “no clue” about how dangerous the illegal crossings have become.

John Ladd had this to say about a Nancy Pelosi border tour:

“I want to invite Nancy Pelosi down. She went to Texas to see the kids. So come here and see where the dope and the bad guys are coming through the border.”

Fred Davis added this about dangers his area faces and the need to secure the border:

“They are missing the point, this is a national security crisis, not a humanitarian crisis. That’s a crock. Anytime people hear anything about amnesty, they flood our country, but we’re not enforcing the law. Border Patrol morale is low and there’s no security, making it dangerous for everyone. Come see why your $2 million-per-mile fence is trash.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, at least 60,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the Texas border already this year. Border Patrol agents are positioned about 40 miles away from the Rio Grande River and border fence, making their primarily duty capture and detain, not the prevention of crossing.

Ladd added that the illegal immigrant problem has made life for both his family and maintaining his business extremely difficult. The Arizona ranchers feels that more than two million illegal aliens have crossed over his ranch during the past two decades. Ladd also said that he has personally witnessed 47 trucks crossing over form Mexico and onto his land – but only one truck was ever caught and confiscated by law enforcement agents. The truck, according to the rancher, wrecked into a ditch next to a non-functional border surveillance camera, and had to be towed. Police agents found nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana in the truck, but the drug traffickers fled back across the border after the accident.

Award-winning filmmaker Chris Burgard is working with the Arizona ranchers to document the crisis on the border. Burgard had this to say about his experiences in the region:

“I went back to the border because I’ve been pissed off about the lies being told to the American people. At worst, the federal government is enabling the drug cartels, who many times use children to traffic drugs and other contraband into the United States. I’m a dad, I don’t like seeing the kids being hurt and I don’t like the American people being bamboozled.”

Do you think Nancy Pelosi, along with all members of Congress and President Obama, should tour the border to gain a clear understanding of the problem?