June 17, 2013
Next up on the science fiction comes to real life - a computer chip that acts like our brain

If there is a holy grail for computer scientists and engineers it is to be able to create a computer chip that can act just like our brains. This is because as far as computers have come they are still a shadow of what our brain's capabilities are and computer scientists and engineers being who they are this just won't do.

This is why IBM teamed up with DARPA and four major universities to work on a basic design of an experimental computer chip that mimics the human brain, which they announced today that they have completed the design.

At this point IBM is calling the experimental chip a cognitive computing chip.

The project members hope that this will eventually lead to computer chips that function like the brain. Applications for a chip that works like the brain could have a huge impact on all sorts of areas from medicine to science and government use. The design uses parts that are analogous to the brain and its parts. The design for the computer chip has digital processors as neurons. The synapses are the foundation for learning and memory, and the axons connect the parts of the computer. Right now experimental processors in cognitive computing operate at 10 hertz, which is much slower than normal processors of today.


via SlashGear

Like I said, science fiction once again coming to life.