Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell Split? ‘Bachelor’ Star Seen Partying With Another Woman

Have Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell split?

According to TMZ, the former Bachelor and his season pick are no longer together — as evidenced by Juan Pablo’s weekend romp in New Jersey. The reality star was spotted getting close to Ang Cottone at Pool After Dark in Harrah’s Atlantic City. In case the name looks familiar, Cottone made headlines when she fought “Tan Mom” on Howard Stern’s show. She reportedly told people at the club that Galavis was “incredibly flirtatious” with her and that he asked for her number. That certainly does not sound like someone who is in love, does it?

Naturally, there are also reports that Juan Pablo was just being “friendly” and that he and Nikki are doing just fine. According to Enstarz, the couple has been very affectionate on social media — and, if you check out Twitter, things do seem to be okay between the two.

I reeeaaallyyyy want a kitten. Everyone tell @JuanPaGalavis to get me one right meow. #purrr

— Nikki Ferrell (@Nikki_Ferrell) June 21, 2014

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are currently filming Couples Therapy. If you ask either of them, they’d probably tell you that their problems are not any different from the next couple’s, but if you watched Galavis’ season of The Bachelor, you probably know better.

As far as an engagement goes, the two haven’t made any type of public announcement. A previous report by The Inquisitr suggested that Galavis and Ferrell got engaged earlier this year, but there has not been any confirmation of this news. For those who don’t watch the show, it is customary for couple’s to get engaged on the finale. Galavis said that he was uncertain of his feelings so he decided to wait on popping the question.

Since then, the two have tried to have a private relationship as far from the public eye as possible. At the same time, Juan Pablo and Nikki always find ways to let their fans know that they are still together — as evidenced by their tweets above. Everything seems totally fine — meaning Nikki must be super-understanding when it comes to her man “flirting” at clubs.

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will end up getting married? Are you going to be watching them on the new season of Couples Therapy?

[Photo courtesy of Rick Rowell/ABC]