Stacy Keibler Encounters Backlash For Lecturing Pregnant Women

Stacy Keibler is warning pregnant women to ignore their cravings, but the strict advice isn't going over too well with everyone.

The expectant mom told Us Weekly that she's been having an amazing pregnancy and hasn't actually had any cravings. She also warned other expectant moms that they shouldn't give in to bad eating.

"I really truly believe that pregnancy is not a time to have an excuse to eat donuts," Keibler said. "I haven't had any cravings believe it or not!"

Keibler, who married Jared Pobre last year, said she indulges in pizza once in a while but overall stays to a strict organic diet.

"[Pregnancy] is a time to be as healthy as you can be and build the foundation for your baby. I think that you should be even more conscious of what you're doing," she said.

But not everyone thinks Keibler's advice is feasible. For one, not every woman is lucky enough to have a perfect pregnancy or afford a diet of entirely organic offerings.

Keibler notes that everything about her lifestyle is organic -- though didn't give an indication of how much it all costs her.

"Everything I eat or put on my skin is organic. I only use organic products. Everything I put on my skin, basically I can eat," Keibler told Us.

Others said she shamed women who indulge once in a while during what is otherwise a busy and difficult time.

Michelle Zipp from The Stir noted:

"Should we label her a smug pregnant? Lucky Stacy has no cravings. I don't want to hate on her. I get what she's saying -- when we are pregnant we shouldn't overdo it. But come on... let's enjoy a little donut (or three) here and there and not feel terribly guilty about it."

As for Stacy Keibler, she still has another month left until her daughter is born, so those cravings could still kick in.