Crowd Catches Pregnant Woman Jumping From Burning Building [Video]

An incredibly terrifying moment was captured on camera when a pregnant woman was forced to jump from a burning building. The video, which comes from Turkey captured the moment the women jumped from the second floor into the crowd as smoke came pouring out of a movie theater.

The movie theater caught fire and the pregnant woman was trapped on the second story of the theater. You can see as smoke engulfs the building and billows out of the windows. The woman moves to the edge of the balcony with her feet dangling over the side. Fortunately, bystanders below leaped into action. You can see on the video as members of the crowd try to direct the woman into the middle of a sheet and pieces of cardboard the crowd has gathered to catch the woman.

The woman stands, her pregnant belly visible under her pink shirt, as she jumps and lands in the canopy created by the bystandsers. The group catches the woman and she is brought to the ground. The pregnant woman was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be doing fine along with her baby. Watch the harrowing moment as it unfoldes in the video above.