Kaley Surprise Ryan: ‘Big Bang’ Actress Throws Surprise Party For Hubby Ryan Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco threw a surprise party for Ryan Sweeting’s birthday. The Big Bang Theory actress wanted to do something big for her beau’s birthday since she missed the occasion last year — Kaley and Ryan met right after his July 2013 birthday (“I met my husband right after his birthday last year. I finally get to celebrate w him. Oh this is gonna be good,” she previously teased).

And good it was! According to E! News, Kaley brought Ryan in front of a large black curtain that was dropped to reveal all of his friends and family members screaming. The best part? Kaley had someone catch the whole thing on tape!

In the video which Kaley posted to Instagram, you can see Ryan’s surprise as he is greeted with loud cheers. After a couple of seconds, Ryan gets down on the ground, clearly shocked that his wife pulled this whole thing off!

Kaley’s surprise for Ryan was captured in pictures and the actress decided to share many of them with her fans. You can see many of the pictures that she posted below:

According to the E! News report:

“The party was also complete with an impressive pop-up book style birthday cake, which featured photos of Ryan as a little boy, shots of the athlete playing tennis and even pics of the couple’s adorable dogs.”

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting just returned home from a super fun vacation in Mexico. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two headed to Cabo with some friends to enjoy some fun in the sun whilst Kaley wasn’t filming for The Big Bang Theory. Their trip and subsequent photos proved that they are still very much in love despite some rumors that the two were thinking of splitting up.

There have also been some baby rumors surrounding the couple (who got married on New Year’s Eve). However, it seems as though Kaley and Ryan are taking things slow and really enjoying their time as newlyweds. Kaley is also having some great success in her career, and she seems really focused on work right now. Kaley and Ryan will procreate soon enough, however, don’t worry! It seems clear that they both want a family (just look how attentive they are to their fur-kids!).

Are you a fan of Kaley and Ryan? Do you think the actress and her tennis pro have lasting qualities?

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco / Instagram]