Thanks, We’ll Walk! Crazy Video Of Himalayas Bus Ride Will Have You Gripping Your Seat

The opening of the Alwas-Killar Road bus route, near India’s Kashmir area in 2008, was supposed to provide a huge boost to commerce and tourism in the region. But as this absolutely off-its-rocker video shows, it takes a special kind of tourist to ride this bus.

When the local government declared the bus route open six years ago, it marked a moment of pride in India’s remote Pangi Valley, whose dangerous, hard-to-travel terrain had cut the area off from tourism and other forms of economic development. Residents of the Pangi Valley had to travel more than 1,000 miles of harsh terrain to get to their local government’s headquarters.

The bus route reduced that distance to under 300 miles.

The bus also takes tourists to a remote resort and spa, but as one commenter on TripAdvisor put it, “Resort is lovely but the logistics of getting there too much for me. Bus ride to resort is a killer unless you are a bit drunk!”

Watch this video taken by brave, or perhaps a bit drunk, British tourists this March, and you’ll understand exactly what the TripAdvisor reviewer means. The bus makes it over a narrow, windy road with no guard rail or shoulder for about 100 miles.

Doesn’t sound too bad — except that the bus route passes through the mountains at an altitude of 14,500 feet. That’s right — one mistake by the bus driver and this bus could take a nice little plunge — almost three miles down the mountain.

But don’t worry. We’re sure the drivers on this bus route are highly trained specialists. Kind of like the Navy SEALS of bus drivers. Yeah, that’s it.

This totally insane Himalayas bus ride video went up on Facebook recently and has been shared more than 320,000 times. It takes nerves of steel just to watch this three-minute clip. So check it out and see in your knuckles don’t turn white before the crazy bus ride video is over.

[Image: YouTube]