December 6, 2016
'24: Live Another Day' Finale, Renewal Spoilers: Will Jack Bauer Return For Another Season?

The finale of 24: Live Another Day airs Monday night on Fox, and fans are sorry to see it already ending. Has this version of 24 been renewed? It was billed as a limited-run series this summer, but fans have made it clear they are not yet ready to say a final goodbye to Jack Bauer or the rest of the team.

At this point, 24: Live Another Day has not been picked up for another season or version. However, executive producer Manny Cotosaid during a recent Reddit AMA that he "would love to take another crack at it." That sounds like reason for hope, though Coto also said, "As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year but we remain open to the possibility."

According to Assignment X, executive producer Howard Gordon said as 24: Live Another Day was set to debut that he "would really, really be hesitant to predict it or to even predict our desire to do it" in relation to doing more than one season. However, he added, "If this turns out to be a success and the audience embraces it, then there's no reason not to, but we're certainly not thinking about that." He said that they were taking things one day at a time, and most would imagine Fox wanted to see just how the limited run series did this summer.

Now that Fox has had the opportunity to see the ratings, which most would say have been pretty solid, could the show come back? So far it sounds as if the team working on the show is definitely open to it, and there is no doubt they have ideas about what they would do next. Coto said that personally he thinks the show should "return to Los Angeles for at least one more season," and viewers expect Monday's finale to end in a way that will leave them hanging and keep the door open for more.

Just what can viewers expect to see in episode 9x12? 24: Live Another Day spoilers indicate that Jack Bauer is trying to save the world, but "he's faced with an unthinkable and grave decision" according to the TV Guide synopsis. There is said to be a big, stunning twist, and there is a time jump involved in this final episode. There have been plenty of teasers coming out about the finale, and it is definitely an episode fans do not want to miss even a minute of as the series wraps.

According to a round-up via the 24 Spoilers site from those who have teased 24: Live Another Day spoilers from the finale, it will be fantastic and has an "unexpected dramatic punch." Other media folks who have seen Monday's finale tease that the episode is a "gripping, emotional finish" and "an absolute powerhouse." From the sounds of things, there will be deadly goodbyes and many tears shed. Audrey is in a precarious position, and it seems likely that is the scenario related to Bauer's big decision. Will he have to let Audrey die in order to save the world? Some suspect that may be the case, and they cannot wait to find out.

If indeed this season of 24: Live Another Day is all that fans get of the revival, it sounds like it will at least give them everything they wished for in its return. Given that those with the show seem willing and perhaps even anxious to do more, even if it were a Netflix exclusive or something of that nature, fans can only hope that Jack Bauer and 24: Live Another Day will be renewed for more.

[Image via Fox/Greg Williams]