Kansas Man Charged With Murder Of Unborn Child: May Change Abortion Laws [Video]

A 30-year-old Kansas man by the name of Scott Bollig will stand trial in September for first-degree murder and aggravated assault after sufficient evidence was produced by prosecutors that he laced his girlfriend’s pancakes with the abortion pill, killing her fetus, as reported by Kansas.com.

What Naomi Abbott, 36, thought was a kind gesture of her boyfriend (Bollig) serving her a pancake breakfast in bed was really a cruel crime. Bollig admitted to authorities that he had purchased five Mifepristone pills from the internet on January 14, and picked them up at the post office on January 22. Opposing Views reports that Bollig confessed to crushing one pill and putting it in Abbott’s pancakes the morning of January 26 or 27, of which she ended up eating three-fourths of it. Bollig says he discarded the other four pills.

Abbott miscarried her 8-week-old baby on January 31 after experiencing much nausea and pain. An investigation began almost immediately after Abbott told an officer she thought her boyfriend (Bollig) may have put something in her food to terminate the pregnancy.

Kansas.com reports that Hays pathologist Dr. Lyle Noordhoek performed an autopsy on the fetus. He testified that the fetus had been developing normally, “which led me to believe some sort of process was interfering with the loss to oxygenation”to the placenta.”

Noordhoek said Abbott tested positive for Mifepristone, also known as the abortion pill, which was consistent with the fetal death, per Kansas.com. Noordhoek continues to say Mifepristone should only be administered under strict doctor guidance and supervision due to risks involved with digestion.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue sheds a different light and opinion on this murder case. Newman states this murder case should create changes in the law regarding abortion.

Newman says this is the second recent case of this kind in a matter of weeks. Another man in Florida was sentenced to 14 years in prison for slipping his girlfriend Cytotec, a different name for Mifepristone, which is easy to get without a prescription. According to Operation Rescue, Newman firmly believes that new laws should be established prohibiting the sale of these abortion drugs by mail order and over the internet.

Newman takes this case a step further, stating, “Born babies are in fact human beings at an early stage of development and each one deserves the same protections under the law.”

The Kansas man, Bollig, may have not only gotten himself many years in prison, but he may cause law makers to reconsider their position on abortion in general.

[Photo Credit: ArkansasInmates.Wordpress.com]