Iggy Azalea’s Date Night With Nick Young Oh So Fancy

Rap diva Iggy Azalea’s date night with boyfriend Nick Young was nothing less than fancy. When she stepped out in Los Angeles with her L.A. Lakers basketballer beau Thursday night, she opted for a demure look instead of her trademark eye-popping garb, citing a report from Just Jared on the couple’s buzzworthy date.

The Australian rapper, 24, and her man stepped out for dinner at Crustacean Restaurant last week, and not surprisingly, they were met with a sea of photogs taking snaps of Tinsel Town’s newest celebrity couple.

If you’re a fan of the curvy lyricist, her choice of duds may surprise you for Iggy and Nick’s date night. Instead of fishnets, Lycra, and other naughty drapery, Azalea toned things down a bit. Besides, she was not on stage belting out show-stopping lyrics. Instead, she was out for some quiet time with her sweetheart of the moment.

Arguably, judging by her clothing choice for the date night, Iggy Azalea wasn’t quite in the fast lane, as evidenced by her lack of color-coordination: rainbow-colored top, black and white skirt (you’re welcome), powder-blue Dior bag, and taupe kicks. And instead of sporting her flashy up-do, Azalea opted for a bun and minimalist face.

After dinner, the two lovebirds chatted up with patrons and staff of the restaurant. Sources say they laughed out loud and exchanged jokes during the wait. And when the valet attendant arrived moments later in Nick’s $300,000 Ferrari, a Saint Laurent was observed on the floorboard. It looks like Nick and Iggy took part in a bit of retail therapy before sitting down for dinner Thursday night.

The singer and baller recently celebrated one year of dating. And by Hollywood standards, that’s an eternity. But don’t count on their romance fizzling out anytime in the near future. According to a recent “Getting Iggy with ItGQ interview, the singer said Aussie women love watching games in the NBA. Couple that with the fact that Nick’s new love interest has assets compared to Beyonce, and it signals a perfect connection for Hollywood’s “freakiest couple.”

Back in June, The Inquisitr posed the question: “Is Iggy Azalea a terrible girlfriend to Nick Young?” The post was in response to a social media backlash from Iggy’s answer to a question at the Calvin Klein Collection Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 show. The “Fancy” hitmaker said she was a “moody woman,” which prompted Nick to intervene and clarify her answer. Readers concluded her snappy response meant she was a bad influence on her always playful-smiley Laker man.

No one knows if the relationship is one that will outlast the rubbish, gossip, and oftentimes unfriendly salvos from tabloids and social media. Nonetheless, Iggy Azalea’s date night last week likely puts some of the naysayers to bed… until further notice.

[Image via: Just Jared]