David Letterman Targeted By Jihadist Over Terrorist Death Remarks

Apparently if you’re attempts to attack the U.S. have failed you’re next target should be David Letterman. The talk show host recently made fun of dead terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri on his show and now a jihadist has taken to the web to issue a jihad against Letterman.

The radical terrorist appeared on the Shumukh al-Islam web forum asking that forum members “cut the tongue of the lowly jew.” There’s only one problem with the remarks, Letterman is a Presbyterian.

The terrorist wrote on the forum:

“I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, one of the lowlifes of the Jews, and one of their pigs, mocking one of the leaders of the mujahedeen.”

The New York Daily News spoke with a former FBI agent who said threats of this type should not be taken lightly, noting:

“If I am the guy targeted in one of those things, I would be taking it seriously and hunker down.”

Letterman’s reps have refused to comment on the threat to his life and Letterman is currently on his summer hiatus from the show.

Letterman isn’t the first comedian to have calls of jihad raised against him, when Trey Parker and Matt Stone thought about showing a cartoon image of Muhammad on their popular Comedy Central cartoon South Park they had so many threats against them and their loved ones that they decided to skip producing the episode, marking one of the only times in the shows history that the South Park team has backed down from a piece of controversy.