Lana Del Rey: Is The ‘Video Games’ Singer Dating James Franco?

Is Lana Del Rey ready to play a few video games with James Franco?

Now that the singer-songwriter is reportedly back on the market after bidding farewell to boyfriend (fiance?) Barrie-James O’Neill, a large section of the general population is acutely aware of Lana’s romantic status. This ultimately prompted several opportunistic photographers to snap pics of the lass while she was hanging out in Italy with music director Francesco Carrozzini.

Of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet if it wasn’t choking on a number of different Lana Del Rey-oriented rumors at once. According to the folks at, there’s a possibility that she’s is hooking up with actor and selfie enthusiast James Franco. How do we know? Because they recently posed for a photograph together. Obviously.

Lana del rey and james franco need to be a thing

— things in life (@ItsThingsInLife) July 13, 2014

The website also points out that the Pineapple Express star has developed something of an obsession with the singer as of late, as evidenced by the images he uploaded to his Instagram account. One things for certain: When Franco develops a taste for something, he definitely goes full-tilt. The guy’s dedication is admirable, albeit a tad creepy.

According to Bustle, Del Rey and her sister recently watched James get literary during an Of Mice and Men performance on Broadway. The actor seems to think the object of his obsession affection really enjoyed his performance, though she’s yet to officially weigh in on his abilities as of this writing.

Since celebrities rarely do anything these days without sharing it with their legion of fans, the singer posed for a few photographs with James. Considering how much he seems to enjoy Lana and her work, this probably made his day. Scratch that — his entire year.

Here’s Franco hanging out with the songstress and her sister.

What do you think about rumors that Lana Del Rey and James Franco are dating? Do you think the singer and the actor will soon start playing video games together?

[Top Image via Men Daily]