Scientists Develop DVD They Claim Can Last 1000 Years

Do you want to keep your family videos, favorite movies and important documents safe for generations to come, then you might want to look into M-Disk, a new DVD technology that can survive heat spikes up to 922 degrees Fahrenheit.

The disk, created by Millenniata is made out of synthetic material that doesn’t fade in the sun or when presented with humid conditions.

Current DVDs store information by burning light spots onto a dye that coats the disc, the problem with that process is that the dye eventually degrades, leaving the disk unable to retrieve information. M-Disks on the other hand uses metals and “rock-like” inorganic materials which won’t fade under even the most severe of conditions.

According to Millenniata the disks were tested by the US Navy’s Weapons Division.

The cost of higher quality DVD type disks? Approximately $3 each. At this time a release date for the disks has not been announced and M-Disk drives have not been revealed, although they will likely come with a hefty charge when first released.

There’s still one question that hasn’t and can’t necessarily be answered anytime soon, can the disk actually survive 1000 years without corrupting data? I remember when DVD’s were first rolled out and manufacturers began claiming that those disks would last forever, just as CD manufacturers made the same claims a decade earlier.