French Company Reveals Lingerie For Little Girls

Lingerie for a 5-year-old? That’s the idea behind a new French fashion line that features frilly bra and panty sets and an ad campaign featuring young children and teenagers posing in risquè outfits.

In their own statement the lingerie company Jours Après Lunes says they are “the first designer brand dedicated to ‘loungerie’ for children and teenagers, comprised of loungewear and lingerie to be worn over and under, inside and outside.”

The lingerie company’s website features wears from veteran lingerie designer Sophie Morin and features collections for girls aged 3 months to 36 months, 4 to 12, and 13 and up.

According to Dhani Mau the babies set is “actually age-appropriate and cute, thankfully,” while they add that the other sets are disturbing.

Defending the brand Margaret Hartmann at Jezebel writes:

“Maybe it’s unwise to throw stones at the French brand when pretty much every mall in America has a Victoria’s Secret Pink outpost selling lingerie to teens,” while she adds, “But we will say that whether it comes from France or the U.S., the last thing we need is more images that sexualize young girls.”

Hartmann may have a point about Victoria’s Secret, but I’ve NEVER seen a 5 year old shopping in that store for underwear.

One saving grace for the company? I personally can’t think of one, although I also won’t claim to understand French culture and before anyone says it, my mind wasn’t made up by my American propensity towards conservative values, far from it, I just think kids should be kids and not be paraded around in adult clothing.