Detective Overheard At Trial Saying ‘Pin It On Anybody, That’s How We Roll’

Pasadena police are investigating allegation of misconduct against an officer who was overheard in an audio recording during the murder trial of Rashad McCoy telling a colleague “pin in on anybody, that’s how we roll.”

William Broghamer ‘s voice was heard on an audio recording played for a Pasadena jury during McCoy’s trial and police Chief Phillip Sanchez said he now has an “obligation” to look into the statement to determine if there was any misconduct or policy volitions.

I think the defense attorney raised a concern of some level of conduct that I’m looking into now,” Sanchez told Pasadena Star News“as I do with all matters of allegations of misconduct.”

Sanchez told reporters that the Broghamer was transferred out of homicide after a series of complaints were file against him regarding his conduct in 2012. On June 30, Broghamer was assigned to patrol and community service, Sanchez added.

McCoy was acquitted by a jury in the fatal shooting of Joseph Jones following an attempted robbery in the fall of 2012. His mother, Keppie Moore, said that she plans to sue the police department for wrongfully imprisoning her son, and for Broghamer’s comment in his interview tape.

“We are suing them big time, if nothing else for that comment,” Moore said. “That was horrible.”

According to Opposing Views, several of Broghamer’s colleagues have faced allegations in the past for misconduct, including complaints that the officers beat suspects, threatened witnesses, and hid evidence, however more than half of the allegations were deemed unfounded.

An investigation into William Broghamer conduct is ongoing.

[Photo Credit: Bing]