American Horror Story: Freakshow Gets Fallen Angel Teaser

American Horror Story is coming back this fall, and the brains behind the show have given us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see when the series returns with a new "Fallen Angel" teaser.

As you might have guessed from the name, the next season of American Horror Story will center, on a freak show, and it's sure to turn the familiar sights of the carnival and circus into creepy goodness. So far, we know that Jessica Lange will play the woman running the freak show, a German ex-pat who may wear a red ringmaster outfit.

Also, Denis O'Hare is expected to play a "collector of freaks" when Freak Show airs this fall, and Michael Chiklis will star as a strongman. American Horror Story alumni Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates will play characters with an attachment to Chiklis' character.

The full scope of the next season of American Horror Story, of course, won't be revealed until Freak Show starts up in the fall, but it will almost certainly follow in the steps of its predecessors, with a wildly weaving tale that introduces numerous horrific elements into a grand, overarching plot.

Previous seasons saw the recurrent ensemble cast in a mental institution, a haunted house, and a coven of witches. In its three previous seasons, American Horror Story has touched on voodoo, aliens, Nazi doctors, ghosts, demons, and more.

The next season will add to the cast of ghoulies with faked half-spider, half-human freaks, bearded ladies, and alligator-skinned unfortunates. Also, a guy that bites heads off chickens. So, with this new teaser, how psyched are you about season 4 of American Horror Story?