Misogynistic, Sexist Van Paintings Land Wicked Campervan Company In Hot Water

Who says there’s no such thing as bad publicity? Australia’s Wicked Campers camper van company is caught up in a severe backlash after complaints over misogynistic and degrading slogans they painted on the back of their vehicles.

For some reason, Wicked Campers has been emblazoning its camping vans with the literary equivalent of Truck Nutz. Among the slogans painted on the backs of their campers:

“Fat girls are harder to kidnap.”


“In every princess, there’s a little slut who wants to try it just once.”


“A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done.”

Just the sort of thing one wants the kids seeing on the road, no?

Wicked Campers’ inflammatory slogans have drawn no small amount of ire from people who’ve seen them on the roads. ABC.net reports that more than 12,000 people have signed a Change.org petition calling on Wicked Campers to remove the slogans.

“I just feel like it’s wallpapering our lives,” one petitioner said, “this idea, this obsession with sex, and creating a sex-obsessed male and a victim female, a hyper-sexualized ‘asking for it’ female.”

So far, Wicked has not responded to requests for comment.