Hamas Strikes Own Electric Supply With Rocket Causing Major Blackouts In Gaza

Jan Omega

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we reported Hamas may not be rational when firing off their rockets because they attempted to hit a nuclear facility in hopes of causing a nuclear disaster. The sheer insanity of the attempt shows the utter criminality of Hamas. How many Gaza residents would die from the fallout if they were successful?

We also reported that after almost seven days since Operation Protective Edge began, Israel has defended themselves with such sheer force that 135 people have died, enough for the U.N. to call for a cease-fire. Casualties in Gaza are often caused by Hamas using Arab civilians as human shields, firing missiles from private homes, schools and mosques. Another example of the criminal behavior of the terrorists called Hamas.

Now reports are coming in that Hamas shot a rocket that knocked out the Gaza electric supply. Hamas probably believes that Israel will fix it, but the burden of failure is on them because they will not. I guess the Hamas are eating around campfires on Sunday night.

The reason why the power supply is not being repaired is because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the IEC not to risk the lives of their employees in trying to restore power as stated in a report by Israel National News. Because of this, seventy thousand Gazans from Khan Younis and Deir el-Balah were in the dark, which was caused when a Hamas rocket hit the power line that supplies electricity to those areas. Also, it should be reported that Israel has the right to leave the electricity cutoff because the Palestinian Authority currently owes $1.5 billion to the Israel Electric Company NIS in unpaid bills.

With the fact that the Palestinian Authority owes so much in debt for electricity, along with the fact that Hamas is trying to kill as many Jews possible with their rockets, kidnappings and suicide bombing, why would the Israel Electric Company be in any rush to fix the power grid. It is understandable why nobody would want to be repairing high-voltage lines in a place where they most likely will get shot.

In a follow-up article by Now The End Begins, extra info was given including the fact that many Israelis are demanding that the country take a more aggressive action against the Hamas in order to put a halt to the seemingly endless missile attacks from Gaza. One suggestion, especially from MKs and Ministers like Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, is cutting off electricity to Gaza. Well, it seems that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't have to make a decision on that plan because the Hamas did it just for him.

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