Mickey Mouse Drivers License Is Real Yet Stolen? ID Even Lists Disney Character As An Organ Donor

A Mickey Mouse drivers license may be one of the oddest cases of identity theft ever. During a sting operation, police found a fake ID for the Disney character that had been created by criminals. This funny fake ID might even beat out the McLovin' ID from Superbad because it's as real as a fake ID can be.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Disney's Frozen music album is the only album in 2014 to sell more than one million copies. Of course, we all know that's because Frozen's Let It Go song is popular with both the little girls and their fathers based upon one funny video showing the pair singing while in a car.

Usually, if someone says you are running a Mickey Mouse operation, then that is typically perceived as an insult (unless you happen to be the Disney company and you're sitting on mountains of cash). In this case, Washington state police recovered hundreds of documents including fake ID cards, fake driver's licenses, stolen Social Security cards, and forged checks when investigators tracked down stolen construction signs only to discover an identity theft operation.

Lt. Lisa Patricelli did not mention the fake Mickey Mouse drivers license, but it appears there was also cases of 67 fraudulent credit cards and 28 false government ID cards that made this crime serious rather than a joke:

"It appears that most of the victims in this case had their identities stolen after their mail was stolen or their cars were broken into by these suspects. This is a good reminder for people to consider buying locked mailboxes, and to never leave valuables in our vehicles."
The fake Mickey Mouse ID was so detailed that it even listed the Disney character as being born in 1928 and currently lives on Disneyland Drive in Anaheim, California. (What, no love for Disney World in Florida?) Mickey is also listed as being five feet, two inches tall and 110 pounds. (You would think those big ears would add more weight?) If Mickey ever loses to one of the various Disney villains then he's also apparently an organ donor. Good gosh!

Although police reports do not say who made the Mickey Mouse drivers license, or why they did it, the identity theft sting did result in the arrest of four people. And, no, they're probably not going to the happiest place on Earth.