Powerball Numbers For July 12 Make Five Millionaires But No Jackpot Winner

The Powerball numbers drawn July 12 didn’t yield another jackpot winner, but five ticket holders are celebrating today anyway because their tickets matched the first five numbers, but missed on the Power Ball, making them America’s newest millionaires.

At least before taxes kick in.

Four million-dollar Powerball tickets were sold in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. One ticket in Oklahoma hit the first five numbers, but with the Power Play option activated. The extra dollar spent on that ticket earns its lucky buyer a $2 million cash prize instead of the standard $1 million.

The five second-prize winners turned up July 12 despite ticket sales that registered the fifth-lowest total of 2014, a year which has now seen 55 drawings. The Powerball game sold 12,735,954 tickets for Saturday’s drawing, which was also the seventh time this year that ticket sales have come in under the 13 million mark for a single drawing.

The jackpot on Saturday was worth the Powerball minimum $40 million, after one ticket in Ohio hit all six numbers last Wednesday, July 9, to win a $122 million jackpot.

The Powerball jackpot now moves up a notch to $50 million for next Wednesday’s drawing.

The winner of last week’s big jackpot, the fifth jackpot won in the 43-state Powerball lottery this year, has yet to come forward and claim the prize, which isn’t too surprising. Lottery officials always advise winners to take some time to consult with financial professionals before claiming their money.

But the winner shouldn’t wait too long. Sunday, July 13, was the final day that the holder of a $1 million, second-prize winning Powerball ticket could claim his or her prize. The ticket was sold July 13, 2013 in New Jersey, but whoever bought it has apparently missed the one-year deadline imposed by New Jersey for claiming lottery winnings.

The prize money now goes back into state coffers.

Players in the July 12 Powerball game won a total of $8,852,664 — including the $6 million won by the five second-prize winners. That cash is spread among 397,508 winning tickets, which is slightly more than three percent of the total number of tickets sold.

July 12 was also a good night for third-prize winners in the Powerball drawing, with a remarkable 39 tickets matching four of the first five numbers plus the Power Ball.

Did your ticket win any cash? Check your July 12 Powerball ticket against the following numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida:

23 72351 Power Ball 26

Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot carries a single-payment cash value of $29.9 million.