Neil Patrick Harris Spits On Overzealous Photog At ‘Hedwig’

Neil Patrick Harris, whether in drag or not, sent a watery message to an overzealous fan who got a bit snap-happy Thursday night. While performing in drag at Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the How I Met Your Mother actor spat on a person who was taking a heap of pictures of the star. And before the water — flavored with a hint of saliva — was jettisoned at the woman, Harris showed off his dark side, PageSix reports.

Sources say Patrick Harris was in the middle of delivering a whirlwind of theatrics at the Belasco Theatre when he turned his attention to a woman three rows away from the stage. Neil then did a number on the woman and it became clear he was outraged she was taking pictures of him in the middle of the show.

An insider said he [Neil] “leaned down into the audience and asked a woman, ‘Are you drunk?’ She waved her arms in the air and everyone assumed it was part of the act. Neil then berated her for taking photos, telling the audience she was sitting in seat 3A. He then sniffed, ‘I hate you,’ and turned on his high heels.”

Initially, audience members thought the fan-berating moment was part of the show; Neil Patrick Harris’ character usually splashes water at fans in the audience. But when he spit water directly at the woman taking the snaps, it was clear this was not part of the script. UPI wrote that the actor looked a bit “irritated” at the fan-turned photographer during the show.

The unnamed source detailed the eerie silence that followed after many realized the Hedwig actor was not performing or mining for laughter.

But if it’s any consolation and fans attending future shows are gun-shy about possibly being the next target of a spit-fest, don’t fret; the actor is turning his wigs in. Back in June, The Inquisitr reported NPH is leaving the show in August. And tapped to replace him is Broadway’s Andrew Rannells. Let’s just hope he is shooting blanks if a fan crosses the line.

Neil Patrick Harris proved one thing from the spitting episode: If you don’t want a tongue-splashing from a celebrity, don’t get picture-happy in the middle of a performance, especially if you’re within the kill zone. If you do, be prepared for the wrath of a character in drag, who has not come to terms with a sex-change operation that went badly. You’ve been duly warned.

[Image via 3News]