Tracy Morgan Released From The Hospital, Is Wheelchair Bound After Fatal Accident [Photo]

On the heels of Tracy Morgan’s pending lawsuit with Walmart, it’s being reported that the comedian has finally been released from the hospital. The New York Post ran a cover story with a photo of Morgan and a strong headline that reads “Tracy Comes Home,” indicating that the comedian is going into phase two of his recovery from the deadly accident that happened last month.

Described as looking “grim” and “thinner,” the comedian is pictured wearing gold chains and a large bucket hat.

According to The Post, Morgan is using a wheelchair after suffering multiple injuries after his limo was struck by an 18-wheeler on the New Jersey Turnpike. Tracy suffered a broken left leg and other injuries. For a while it was rumored that Morgan would lose his leg, but fortunately that was not the case.

Still, the 30 Rock actor has a long way to go in his recovery. After a few days in critical condition, the doctors believe that this will be a long recovery for the comedian. That said, the situation could have been far worse for Morgan, who lost a friend and fellow comic in the crash, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair.

Morgan was released on Friday and spent his first full day home on Saturday. A therapist visited Tracy for 45 minutes Saturday morning. It’s said that his friends were seen carrying a walker into his house, which alludes that Morgan might not be bound to a wheelchair forever.

Here’s a first look at the comedian:

As we reported, Tracy Morgan along with three other plaintiffs filed a suit against Walmart after its 18-wheeler rear-ended their limo.

The lawsuit filed reads:

“Walmart was careless and negligent in the ownership and operation of its motor vehicle, which caused Mr. Morgan to suffer severe personal injuries. As a direct and proximate result of said collision, Mr. Morgan was caused to sustain severe painful bodily injuries, including but not limited to multiple fractures which required multiple surgeries, extensive medical treatment and will require significant physical rehabilitation.”

It’s believed that Walmart is currently cooperating with the investigation into the crash. In the lawsuit it states that the plaintiffs want driver Kevin Roper to go before a jury. As for Roper, he has pleaded not guilty when charges were initially brought up.

Roper can be convicted of four offenses — three counts of assault including assault by auto, and a count of death by auto. Although we don’t know what the outcome will be of the case, it’s good to see Tracy Morgan again.

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