Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal Dating?

Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal are allegedly dating, after the duo were seen partying together recently.

The two actors have been working together on their new movie, Southpaw, and it’s believed that the duo have become extremely close while filming.

At the wrap party for the film in Indiana, Pennsylvania, they were even seen dancing together at Brenda & Ken of Wolfies Pub. After drinking shots, they spent a long time seated in the corner talking. Before then they had attended a private dinner at Donatellos Restaurant with around 60 other individuals.

A source told Us Weekly, “The owner of Donatellos bought them all a round of shots when they first walked in the door to get the party started. Rachel and Jake, along with the director and crew, were on the dance floor and mixing it up.”

The pair were believed to have left the establishment at around 2 am, but only after they’d spent a long time together in the corner chatting. “They were still having fun but mostly just hung out and talked,” the insider noted.

Over the last few weeks, speculation has continued to swirl that the duo had started dating after they were spotted at numerous places together in Pittsburgh. At first they were seen enjoying food together at the Meat & Potatoes restaurant last month, and then they were spotted watching the boxing match between Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez at Madison Square Garden.

However, the fact that Southpaw will see Gyllenhaal depict a boxer opposite McAdams, who plays his wife, probably means that they were just conducting research for the film.

“They were there to watch the fight and chat with the trainers and people involved with the sport to get a better idea of the stress and where people’s mindsets are at before the fight stars. I think Rachel met one of the boxers’ wives or girlfriends, too, for her role,” a source added.

It was previously believed that Gyllenhaal was in a relationship with Alyssa Miller, while, most recently, McAdams was dating Patrick Sambrook. Of course, McAdams infamously dated Ryan Gosling for several years after the pair met on the set of The Notebook.

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