Lebron James Gets Stripped, Then Dunked on by Taiwanese All-Star

Though he is confident that the current NBA lockout will soon come to an end, NBA All-Star forward Lebron James has been making the most of his free time, participating in grueling workouts to up his game and dunking on little kids at youth basketball camps throughout the United States.

Recently, while on a promotional tour in Asia with Nike, James took part in a game involving two Taiwanese All-Star teams.

After spending the first half of the game sharing some of his extensive hoop knowledge as a coach for one of the teams, LeBron decided to turn in his clipboard and take the floor as a player.

“I was prepared to coach,” James told reporters after the game. “But, I saw how much fun those kids were having out there and I wanted to join them and be a part of the whole experience.

Little did King James know, that “experience” would include him getting ripped and then posterized by a Taiwanese player from the opposing team.

The video, which hasn’t been taken down by Nike just yet, can be seen below: