WWE News: Roman Reigns Experiencing Faster Push To The Top, What Is Causing The Move By WWE?

We can never truly know how much time we have in our chosen careers, regardless of what it is. In Pro-Wrestling, talent is always on borrowed time, and if there is one injury, we could potentially see the loss of that talent for a long time or forever. In WWE, once you’re hurt you could lose your position and have to fight even harder to get it back. Sometimes those who are already destined for greatness are thrust into positions in the absence of another. This seems to be the case when it comes to Roman Reigns.

As we all know by now, Daniel Bryan is out with an injury and will probably get another surgery… this time on his shoulder. This would put him out of action for the rest of the year. WWE has been trying to build up Bryan, as they built an entire story around him and his chase for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. It was excellent to watch, but injury cut his reign short. That was when WWE had to pull future plans and put them into full effect now.

Roman Reigns was set to have a slow burn up until WrestleMania 31, where he would win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and be thrust into the top face role and become WWE’s newest star player, if you will. With the potential for Cena to retire in a few years and the need to build up stars to replace him, clearly a guy like Roman needs to be pushed sooner rather than later, so that when Cena does call it quits, he will have a replacement. Reigns fits that mold well. Sadly, the slow burn to gradually build him was killed off in light of Bryan’s injury.

The original plan was for Bryan to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title up until SummerSlam or Night of Champions. There he was set to lose to Brock Lesnar. Yes, Lesnar was always planned to be back and win the WWE World Heavyweight Title regardless of who was holding it. Due to the fact WWE needed a top face to end up taking on Lesnar at their second biggest event of the year, John Cena was thrown into the role for his 15th World Championship.

Bryan’s injury made a lot of future plans shift into being present day plans still. However, it concerns Reigns most of all.

Could WWE put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Roman sooner than they planned? The idea is there to do so. However, many think that WWE can do as some suggest in keeping Lesnar as Champion up until WrestleMania 31, where Roman would beat him. That would help Roman clearly, as beating a man who seems unstoppable could be fun to see. Also, it allows for WWE to have a top guy as their champion leading into the big event.

They still establish a new star at the end of the day however, which is what helps them. Clearly, if WWE were to try and use two part-timers in the World Title hunt, most would be annoyed by such actions. Why wouldn’t we? However, one guy who is willing to stick around a lot longer might not be bad.

Roman will probably be built up sooner into looking unstoppable as well. Due to this, a clash of superpowers might be the build for WrestleMania. It might be seen as the this generation’s Lesnar versus the older yet still able-bodied version. WWE could also put a title on Reigns such as the US or IC to build him up somewhat, before going into the Royal Rumble where Reigns is expected to come out as the winner.

Funny enough, it all started with one injury with one guy. While that man was put into a major position by WWE, the show must go on with or without him. When Bryan returns, he is expected to be put back into the main event scene. However, he will not be put into the top guy position. The plan was always to do this with Reigns, who seems to be doing quite well so far. We shall see if it lasts.

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