Cop Rescues Same Dog Twice, Changes His Name To ‘Chance’ Since He Has Another One

Cop Rescues Same Dog Twice

A cop rescues the same dog twice and realizes it must be a sign that he’s meant to adopt the animal.

According to KETK, a pit bull struck luck again when Sgt. Gary Carter of the Arlington Police Department saved him for the second time in a row.

Police rescue dogs as part of their job, and are often called by citizens to contain animals on the loose. That’s how it all started with Sgt. Carter and “Jeffrey.”

It was only a few weeks back when the policeman responded to a call about a dog wandering around “aggressively.” Carter captured the pit bull and took him to Animal Services where he was reunited with his owner.

In what could have been fatal for the dog, Jeffrey ended up back at Animal Services after he was seen roaming outside yet again just weeks later. This time the owner told the shelter he didn’t want him anymore. This wasn’t good news for Jeffrey. That’s when Sgt. Carter stepped in to save the homeless dog.

Thursday morning Carter adopted Jeffery so he would not be euthanized. The Arlington cop says:

“This dog keeps crossing my path, so it must be meant to be.”

When Carter met up with Jeffrey again, he changed his name to “Chance,” since he’s getting another one.

KERA News says a Facebook post last month of a photo depicting Carter’s calm and skillful handling of Chance went viral and wound up with more than 12 million views.

When Sgt. Carter first got the 911 call about the dog in June, he was told that there was a “dirty, aggressive pit bull chasing some people walking in a neighborhood,” KERA News reports. When the cop rescued the dog, he noticed him wagging his tail and was hungry and thirsty. In order to get the pit bull into the police car, he had to coax him with a protein bar.

Star-Telegram quotes Sgt. Carter on what more he has to say about rescuing the pit bull:

“It’s a big city and I somehow keep getting drawn back to him time and time again.”

Chance isn’t the only dog the Texas policeman has at home. He has four other canines! He says:

“When he comes to my house, he’ll have to contend with four dogs, two cats and six grandchildren. He needs to be well-trained.”

An obedience school in Weatherford has offered to pay for Chance’s obedience training.

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