Israeli Troops Enter Gaza To Raid Missile Sites

captured Israeli soldier, Hamas

The United Nations, along with the United States, are doing all they can for a cease-fire to happen between Palestine and Israel as the death toll reaches 135. Even Palestine-supporters, whether they be Muslim, Jew, or Christian, are calling for Palestinian peace, especially in front of the Israeli Embassy in London.

Despite this, the next move after Israel brought 30,000 troops to the border of the Gaza Strip has just happened as news sites report Israeli troops entering Gaza to raid and/or take out missile sites.

According to an article by USA Today, the Israeli military showed an act of mercy by sending a message to Gaza residents to their homes overnight. They said to the residents to evacuate because Israel was planning to hit the area with heavy force in the next 24 hours. Brig. Gen. Motti Almoz, chief military spokesman, had this statement to say about their plan of attack:

“We are going to attack there with great force in the next 24 hours due to a very large concentration of Hamas efforts in that area.”

During the raid, Israeli troops cased a facility in northern Gaza believed to be a missile launch site. The special forces team exchanged fire with militants along the way and four Israeli soldiers were wounded. In the Gaza Strip, fifteen people were killed in an Israeli airstrike near a mosque as residents concluded evening prayers. The strike marks the single deadliest airstrike in the five-day offensive that has already left a total of 156 dead and another 1,060 injured. This has been confirmed by Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

In a parallel report by ABC News, after the raid was done, all the Israeli soldiers went back to Israeli territory. This, however, is after five days of Israel’s assault, which started when Palestine started bombarding Tel Aviv with the most rockets in an attack as of now last Saturday. Israel retaliated and also hit a center for the disabled where two patients were killed and four were seriously hurt. Right now, the next move by either Israel or Palestine is unknown, but the fact the last five days has been just a portion of the strength of the Israeli military shows they can last this battle longer than the world thinks.