Wow, finally a gadget for your smartphone that actually might be useful

As smartphones proliferate throughout our society gadgets that utilize them are becoming the next big thing. While some of them, like the one that can take your blood pressure or diagnose what type of melanoma might be infesting your skin, the majority are pretty much stupid and useless.

Now on the surface this gadget and app for your smartphone from Cobra might seem to be on the silly side but that feeling will only last until the next time you lose your keys.

The Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth, GPS and an app to form a little smartphone-and-key support network.

The Cobra Tag system will keep you from losing your phone and keys (or anything you could attach the GPS-enabled fob to) in a few different ways. You can set up an alert, for instance, whereby the phone or fob will make some noise if either one ever strays too far — Cobra defines “too far” as 30 feet. That’s useful if, say, you keys fell out of your pocket while you’re walking along. Failing that, you can also check in with the fob’s GPS coordinates to hone in on where it is, and continue to trigger the noise until you find ’em.

It’s a two-way street, too, as the fob will also let you find your phone, if that’s what you’re missing, and will even give it a ring so you don’t have to ask a friend to.


This little gadget will set you back about $60, and though that might seem a little on the expensive side consider what a locksmith will cost you.