Flavor Flav Busted In New York For Speeding To Mother's Funeral, Illegal Fireworks; Indictments Possible

Flavor Flav, best known as the hype man for Public Enemy and for his -- and we use this term loosely -- reality TV show Flavor of Love, is facing an indictment in New York for speeding to his mother's funeral, according to a report in Yahoo News. This is the third time this year Flav has found himself in hot water with authorities.

The first, according to a report on radio.com was over the Fourth of July weekend, when Flavor Flav set off large amounts of illegal fireworks at a party at his home near Las Vegas. The Las Vegas police were called out and handed Flav two citations for his pyrotechnic partying. Apparently, it isn't the first time the hype man has been in trouble for setting off fireworks. The report claims that he has done the same thing -- and been cited for the illegal fireworks every time -- since 2009.

Of course, Flavor Flav won't have any trouble paying for citations for illegal fireworks. The fines aren't likely to put enough of a dent in his checkbook to even make him think twice about setting off fireworks again next year.

Flav also got in trouble in Las Vegas for an incident involving his girlfriend's teen son. He pled guilty to a reduced charge of threatening the teenager in April.

Flavor Flav's troubles in the Big Apple could be a bigger deal.

Flav was caught allegedly speeding on January 9 on the Meadowbrook Parkway in Long Island, according to a report in MSN Wonderwall. The report claims that Flav, who said he was speeding to get to his mother's funeral, is also accused of driving without a license -- a felony offense in New York -- and of marijuana possession.

In a related report in the Inquisitr, New York has recently legalized medical marijuana. Unfortunately for Flavor Flav, possessing marijuana wasn't legal at the time he was allegedly caught with it, so suggesting the weed was for medicinal purposes won't necessarily help him should New York prosecutors decide to get aggressive.

For his part, Flavor Flav has pled not guilty to the charges, though his attorney has also requested time to try to work out a plea deal. According to an AP report, the district attorney's office is keeping mum about any plea deals they are (or aren't) considering.

A New York grand jury is expected to decide soon whether to indict William Drayton -- known to most of us simply as Flavor Flav -- on the charges.