‘Star Trek 3’ To Involve Five-Year Mission, Says Quinto. Bob Orci Still Not Officially Set To Direct

Will Star Trek be heading back to its roots in the third film? Zachary Quinto, A.K.A. Spock in the new films, believes so. According to Variety, in a recent TV Critics Press Tour, Quinto teased at the plot for the new Star Trek movie, stating “I think the five-year mission will be a part of this next film in some way…”

It seemed like the logical choice, given the Star Trek Into Darkness’ narration at the end, but you never know in Hollywood. This wouldn’t be the first time an actor’s been wrong about the plot of an upcoming film, especially for a film that hasn’t even been fully written yet. In an interview screenwriter and speculated director Roberto Orci had with Collider, he directly stated the current state of the Trek 3‘s script:

The studio has yet to even read the script. I’m in the middle of writing it, with the talented team of [John D.] Payne and [Patrick] McKay.

A bit disheartening, to say the least, because even if Orci and Quinto had discussions in the past regarding Star Trek, there’s still a good chance that Paramount could decide to take the story in a different direction if they are unhappy with the script. Despite this fact, as it stands, Orci did previously confirm the five-year mission is the direction he plans to take Star Trek in.

So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.

In other words, stay cautiously optimistic about Quinto’s Trek statement, as it seems to have some grounding in reality.

This isn’t the first time Star Trek fans have had their hearts tugged around. With the poaching of film franchise director J.J. Abrams, who is now currently directing the new Star Wars flick, they had to find someone else to take the helm. While successful writer of the first two films (among many other successful Hollywood films), Bob Orci, is in talks to direct, he isn’t counting his chickens before they hatch, according to Collider:

I can’t even think anything about the future until I give them a script and they greenlight it. Until that happens, everything else is just a rumor.

Lesson of the day? Nothing is set in stone regarding Star Trek until it’s in theaters.

Thoughts on this? Is Bob Orci fit to direct StarTrek, and how much of the original series do you expect to see in the new film (tonally speaking, of course)? Sound off below!