Dylan Spoering Hosts Free Concert: What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart

Dylan Spoering is a young piano player living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who just wants to play his music for people.

He doesn’t care if he gets paid. That’s what led him to post the sign that you see above. Well, this being the Internet, a tool that can occasionally be used for good, his next door neighbor, Thomas Rehbein, saw the sign and thought it was so cute he would create a Facebook event for the little guy.

From the Minnesota Public Radio website:

Rehbein later returned and found Dylan ‘out in front of the house promoting the concert to everyone within earshot. It will be on the front lawn. He and his whole family are pretty excited about you coming.’

“As I write, the Facebook event has over 700 invitees and nearly 60 confirmed attendees. The concert has been featured in l’etoile magazine’s weekend event recommendations; among those who plan to attend are local musicians Gabriel Douglas (the 4onthefloor) and Cobey Rouse (Batteryboy). Local actress Anna Hickey also talked with Dylan, and reports that he’s promising an ice cream social as well.

“There’s no word yet on what pieces Dylan will play, but the sign indicates that he’ll be tickling the ivories from 2:30-3:20 p.m.”

Well, the concert has now come and gone, and judging from the pics on Reddit, and this video, it was a resounding success:

The Dylan Spoering concert hit the front page of Reddit on Saturday and amassed more than 800 comments as of this writing. Most were highly supportive of the generous endeavor, but a lot of the praise was aimed at Minnesotans in general, and we can’t blame them.

“Minnesotans are the nicest Americans!” said one. “My roommate’s brother lives and works in MN and my roommate said that when he visited, he learned that MN is truly the nicest place ever. As in, the nicest people,” said another.


“I wish more concert venues gave out chocolate chip cookies and oreos.”

“He might already be a ladykiller at this point in his career.”

“It’s awesome that this happened and that his family seems to have been happy with it.”

“If I was Dylan that would have freaked me out and there is no way… I would have performed in front of all those people.”

What do you think about the massive turnout for Dylan Spoering and his free piano concert? Is this proof that Minnesotans really are the nicest people ever?