Jon Gosselin ‘Very Relieved’ Family’s Only Source of Income Has Disappeared

At least one of the Gosselin cast characters is happy with TLC’s decision to ax the reality show Kate Plus 8 from their lineup, leaving Kate jobless with eight kids.

Jon Gosselin- who wasted no time shacking up with a college student and living it up in Manhattan, leaving Kate back in the sticks with their massive herd of kids- says he’s “very relieved” his family’s long gravy train has come to an end.

Of course, there’s no measure of sour grapes after Jon’s firing from the show inherent in his glee- no, Jon’s satisfaction at Kate’s unceremonious booting is solely down to his concern for the children’s mental well-being and nothing else. (Presumably why he left them alone with a woman prone to hissyfits to go out clubbing in the city.) Gosselin gloats:

“I hope they can have more private family moments… I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future.”

Jon continued, not at all bitterly:

“Contracts have to end at some point. I think everything had run its course and it was time to come to an end anyways.”

As to Kate’s future plans, the dad of Cara, Maddie, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel said:

“I have no clue. I hope she dedicates more time to the kids now and I wish her the best as she goes forward with whatever career she wants to pursue.”

Jon did not, however, elaborate as to how he was in any way bringing home the bacon to feed the Gosselin kids.