Blake Grigsby Hops In A Car To Do ‘Drive-By Compliments’ For A Second Time [VIDEO]

For most people, a random act of kindness will always make people feel so much better. Some people could have the worst day of their life, and all it takes is someone showing some niceness to change that person’s view in an instant. Here on The Inquisitr, we uploaded a video of a man doing random nice things to total strangers, and quite honestly, the reactions could bring a tear of joy to even the most hardened hearts. Doing random acts of kindness is so rare yet so sought out, at one time, an entire week was dedicated to doing them.

Now, Blake Grigsby is kicking it up a notch by jumping into a vehicle, armed only with a megaphone, to do a form of a random act of kindness: drive-by compliments.

Uploaded on Blake Grigsby’s YouTube channel on July 9, 2014, the video has over 300,000 views and is at the moment the 20th most popular video on YouTube. Besides driving around with a megaphone, Blake’s compliments are straight forward which includes how good people look in certain clothes, how he likes a shirt or pair of paints someone wears, and if someone is handsome or cute.

What is amazing about this video is that everyone is very accepting and happy to receive their compliments. Although this can be a random act of kindness, the compliments can also cross lines depending how they come off. For example, some compliments directed at women are extremely rude if taken seriously. I remember one being by Robin Williams in a joke when he asked a girl to sit on his face so he can guess her weight. That is definitely an “OMG” compliment and I applaud anyone who can get away using it.

It probably came down to Blake keeping the complements simple, honest, and very kosher.

On a personal note, it is nice to write a basic article on something quite positive every once in awhile. I will also be honest that I’d be quite surprised if anyone actually drove by handing me a compliment. How would you take it?

[Image via Blake Grigsby’s Drive By Compliments 2 video]