Giant Dog Welcomes Soldier Home After 9 Months Overseas [Viral Video]

Emmitt Thunderpaws is a special dog, not only did he miss his human dad, when the soldier returned from nine months overseas he smelled him from inside the house and could barely contain his excitement, greeting him in the backyard with all the excitement the huge dog could muster.

According to the Welcome Home Blog‘s Jon Bershad:

“Seriously, I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better video out there for patriotic Americans and dog-lovers alike.”

The unidentified family posted the following message on YouTube:

“After a long 9 months apart, our dog, Emmitt Thunderpaws, is REALLY HAPPY to see his favorite person again! He smelled him in the house and then ran outside to greet him. Dogs are awesome :)”

Here’s the video which is just about to pass 250,000 pageviews at the time of this posting: